Beaded Flowers Continued

My love for flowers was imbedded in my brain when I was young.  My father who was handicapped had a rose garden, and he loved all his roses.  He would get out to his garden in his wheelchair, and pull weeds, cuss, then pull some more and cuss especially when he pricked his fingers with the thorns of his roses.  I have tried in the many years of making these flowers, to make them look as real as possible.  Well minus the thorns of course.

Tea Roses and Daisies

Tea Roses and Daisies

Purple tea roses are so small and dainty.  Note the daisies along side the flowers…Really makes them pop!

Floribunda Roses

Floribunda Roses

These floribunda roses, were large, and heavy, as each were made from many glass seed beads, that combined with the wire, has some weight to them.

A Break from Crochet, but only For a Bit

In my years of crafting, I have made many items, ranging from crocheted items, to beaded flowers.  Before I swamp you with too much crochet, I have decided to take a wee break and chat and share with you my beaded flowers.

Here are a few bouquets I have sold.  These were fun to do.  As beaded flowers, they are so great, as one does not need to worry if they will wilt or die off.

Many hours, putting beads on the wire, and then it was off to make the petals.  Each petal is made separate, just as a real flower is.

Autumn ColorsThis is a fall bunch,  I couldnt resist, as the colors were perfect for this time of year!

Flower in VaseA Single rose in a very first rose!!

A Single Red RoseA Red rose.. I had an order for 125 of these flowers.  Each one could stand alone and they were for a wedding.  At each place setting sat a rose awaiting guest.

My Little Bears Final

As I have said I have enjoyed making and naming my little bears. I know that the people who purchased them, too are enjoying them.









Mr. James

Mr. James

I hope you all have enjoyed my bears.

Onward To Thanksgiving

In the past I have not crocheted or made anything for Thanksgiving. Although I did make a pumpkin. When my boys were young they would drop kick it across the livingroom!! Needless to say, we have moved since then, and frankly since unpacking I have not seen it.

Thanksgiving is a usually missed holiday, we tend to go commercial, although I think for future holidays, crocheting pumpkins and more may be the answer to the drab colors of everyday decor.

Fall is my favorite time of year, as this is the time of the year the crocheted lapghans come out of hiding. Its a great time of year to share with others your great taste of decor, and hand crafted items.


I crocheted many little thread bears. I sold each and every one of them, and the only bummer is that I have nothing to show for myself. I regret making so many for others, and none for me. I made each pattern from scratch, actually it was funny at the time, I wrote my notes on note paper…the size of 3×5 cards. I would lose a leg or arm pattern paper, and then would have to scramble to mix and match and try to find it. I named each and every bear I made and thru the years, I felt as if each and every one of them was just as important than the one I made before it.

Heres A pic, not a bear but Percy my little piggy!!

Percy Piggy

Happy Halloween To All the Lil Ones

Happy Halloween to the kiddies out there!

Have a safe and enjoyable evening.


Crochet For The Holidays

Over the past many years I have either crocheted, or knitted my family members gifts.

They have been so appreciative of each and every item I have made and given, over the years, matter of fact, its what keeps me going!

From scarves to knitted jackets, to hand warmers, slippers, and we cant forget…potholders, each and every piece made with love, and fun!

So, what are you making for the holidays? Is it a gift, or is it something for thyself?

Take time to share what you are working on! I would love to hear what you are doing.


Timothy Holiday Bear

Sorry for the not so clear picture, as this was taken back in 2002 and was taken with a very basic digital camera!  The picture is of one of my thread bears I crocheted.  His name is Timothy, and with his little holiday scarf he is ready for cold weather!

A Break from Crochet A Brief Mention on Candy

Can you believe we are on the downside of October??!!  Soon the trick or treaters will be going door to door.  Have you every made Halloween Candy??  I Havent but that is one thing I would like to try some time.  I have made some valentine candy, simple… melt chocolate and pour in mold  and put in a lollypop stick.  SIMPLE.

I have always been amazed at how people make the hard candies.  At a local Frys Electronics store some one had made these really cool holiday hard candies on a huge stick.  Very nice, as each was that of a flower.  So different, but yet simple looking.

Now a days, we cant make homemade candy, due to the lil ones parents rightfully so being protective of what they eat.  Back in the 70’s I would pop popcorn and give it away.  I made it from the time I got home from high school to the time we heard the first doorbell.  This was so cool, making something homemade and giving it for the kids to eat.  Back then times were a bit more mellow, and maybe some ended in the trash, but the people who knew me, delighted in the popcorn.

Have you ever made homemade candy?  If so, what occasion?

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